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Target high-potential market niches with ready-to-use program.

This ready-to-use program provides policy forms, rules, and loss costs to help you serve customers in a variety of high potential market niches. You get virtually everything you need to offer specialized policies tailored to particular classes of commercial risks.

For each market segment, the program gives you a “wrap-around” endorsement that combines with one or more of ISO’s monoline coverage forms to a make up the core of the policy.

Enhancements common to most of the segments include increased limits and additional coverages for:

The filings allow users to see the approved forms, rules, and loss cost that members are eligible to file. The public protection manual provides the insurance professional with the fire suppression capability for communities in the State of Hawaii. The commercial property database has specifically rated buildings which provides the loss cost for the building along with basic construction type, tenant lists, occupancy type, hazard of occupancy (if any), and pictures.

- Accounts receivable- Computer equipment
- Debris removal- Employee dishonesty
- Forgery or alteration- Reward payment
- Money and securities- Outdoor property
- Outdoor signs- Valuable papers and records
- Fire extinguisher systems expense
- Money orders and counerfeit money
- personal effects adn property of others

Programs are available for the following market segments: Auto Risks; Apartment Building Owners; Funeral Homes, Hotels, Motels, and Inns; Personal Care Services; Restaurants; and Supermarkets.